Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Some terms

So Kata and I sat down to define some terms that seemed to need a little explaining. Since the general public- or at least the public that is viewing this work is unfamiliar with the BDSM world and is not sensitive to some major issues, we took the liberty of creating a pamphlet with quite a bit of useful terminology. 
One of the most exciting things has been the feedback, and we hope more people approach us about including new terms and expanding the ideas we started with. 

Here are the terms we defined in a handy little pamphlet:

-       2 for 1 / 1 for 2 – A couple looking to have sex with a third or someone looking to have sex with a couple

-       69 – A sexual position in which both partners orally enjoy the genetalia of the other

-       Anus – The opening at the end of the digestive tract, access to the rectum and prostate stimulation can be achieved through entering the anus

-       Armpit – Located directly under where the arm connect to the shoulder, vulnerable to tickeling; the armpit produces oders ranging from musky to metallic

-       BDSM (bondage discipline sadomasochism) 

-       Beat my Meat – A phrase intented to describe stroking a penis with one’s hand

-       Beige – A neutral pale yellowish cream color lacking pizzaz

-       Black – A surface that absorbs all light, the absence of light being reflected

-       Bondage – The act of restraining a partner using various object to achieve pleasure, this pleasure can be but is not limited to sexual

-       CBT – Cock and Ball Torture – inflicting pain onto the male genetalia to achieve pleasure

-       Cocksucker – one who partakes in the act of sucking on a penis

-       Cowboy – One who rides horses, tending to cattle and other tasks the occur on a ranch.  In sexual role playing the cowboy is often the dominant partner

-       Cream – An off white milky color

-       Cums in Scum Bags – A slang term that refers to ejaculating inside another body

-       Dildo – A sex toy often phallic in appearance used to penetrate bodily orafices to achieve sexual pleasure

-       Dominant – The sex partner that takes the active role/ enjoys being in control

-       Drag – Dressing in clothing of the gender opposite of one’s usual identity

-       Fisting – Inserting one’s full hand into the anus or vagina of a partner

-       Fuchsia – A bright vivid pink know by computers as #FF00FF

-       Fuck – A term describing sexual intercourse with an emphasis on forcefulness and physical intensity

-       Genderqueer – Identifying as both or something other than male or female

-       Grey – A tint or shade in between black and white

-       Gold – A shade between orange and yellow that resembles the metallic element gold

-       Hanky – A hanky or handkerchief is a small square of fabric carried for hygienic, stylistic or communicative reasons

-       His Horse – in sexual role playing the horse is submissive to the cowboy, who takes on a cowboy like persona

-       Hustler – one who is paid for sexual interactions

-       John – one who pays for sexual interactions

-       Kelly Green – A bright shade of green whose name originated from the Irish surname Kelly

-       Lavender - A light shade of purple named for its similarity to the lavender plant

-       Light Blue – A pale calming shade of blue

-       Magenta – A dark purplish pink color, magenta can be produced by removing lime green from white light

-       Navy Blue – A dark shade of blue.  Navy blue got its name from its presence on sailor uniforms

-       Penis – The external sex organ of many male vertebrates and non vertebrates, mammals also urinate out of this organ

-       Piercing – The act of guiding a needle under several layers of skin creating two separate holes.  Often times needles are placed in rows down arms legs and back.

-       Pink – a combination of red and white.

-       Piss – a waste removal process of the body, resulting in a sterile clear yellow liquid, some people find this bodily liquid especially erotic and stimulating

-       Play – any sort of game or ritual that has acknowledged sexual implications.  In BDSM role playing or play usually happens within a prearranged environment all parties have agreed on

-       Purple - combination of blue and red

-       Red - One of the three primary colors, not blue or yellow

-       Rimming – The act of caressing a partner’s anus with one’s tongue

-       Robin’s Egg Blue – a soft delicate blue often found on the eggs of Robins

-       Rust – The reaction of iron and oxygen in the presence of moisture, this reaction often yields a deep orangey reddish tone

-       Safe word – A word that alerts the dominant partner in role play to stop immediately.  This word is usually something foreign to the participants’ sexual practices such as red, cotton candy, radish, etc.

-       Sexuality - The quality of being sexual, the condition of having sex. According to Foucault, the concept of what activities and sensations are "sexual" is historically (as well as regionally and culturally) determined, and it is therefore part of a changing "discourse". 

-       Spanking – An intense hit, often happening repeatedly.   Spanking can happen with any object including belt, hand, or specially made item called a flogger

-       Submissive - The partner, who yields control and enjoys being dominated

-       Sucks it out – the act of sucking out an ejaculatory fluid from the orifice that it originally comes from or the orifice the it has been ejaculated into

-       Teal – Equal parts blue and green.

-       Torture – an act in which pain and or suffering is inflicted onto someone.  In BDSM this act is consented to and sometimes yields sexual pleasure

-       Transgender – not identifying with the gender one has been assigned at birth, which is usually determined by he genitals

-       Vagina – the entrance into the female reproductive system. 

-       Wants Head – Having the desire for someone to suck on one’s sex organ.  Usually this organ is the penis.

-       White – the product of all elements of the color spectrum being reflected in the same capacity

-       Yellow – One the three primary colors, not red or blue


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