Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanks for bad mouthing us!

So here we are... six months into the project and we a beginning to sell out of this edition. The responses have been very positive in the queer community, especially here in Baltimore, and very mixed from people that don't have a starting point when it comes to this project.

The sales on etsy have been steady and we've been using the site as a way to provide people all over the country (and world!) with hankies. Recently our magenta hanky (armpit lovin') was featured on a site called Regretsy - a site that makes fun of art sold on etsy that is not considered "good". Thanks Regretsy- you've sold us out of magenta hankies!

Read through some of the comments people have left. It's interesting to see what people choose to focus on when presented with such a complicated piece.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Look for our stuff in stores!

If you are in need of a hanky but want to see it in person before buying it make sure you stop by Chained Desires in Baltimore, MD and Shag in Williamsburg, NY!

Chained Desires carries all the hankies and Shag will carry select colors as well as some of my (maria) other art ( body products-, jewelry and books-

Chained Desires is a really awesome BDSM fetish store that carries a large variety of goods; from tame to wild. The store also specializes in handmade leather goods, and about 80% of the leather crafts there are made in house.

Shag… a sexy shop is a great new store opening up in a fantastic area in Williamsburg. The shop will carry all things sexy- from hand made sex toys to sexy ties and feather hats. It will also include accessories, bath and body products, home d├ęcor and so much more. The retail space upstairs is just the beginning though, the basement is reserved for life drawing classes and a variety of workshop, including "cast your partner". Samantha Bard, one of the proud owners has an MFA in sculpture and will be casting genitals and making artesian silicone dildos from the casts. If you live in NY please visit this incredible store! There is a grand opening on November 20th, 2009.