Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thanks for bad mouthing us!

So here we are... six months into the project and we a beginning to sell out of this edition. The responses have been very positive in the queer community, especially here in Baltimore, and very mixed from people that don't have a starting point when it comes to this project.

The sales on etsy have been steady and we've been using the site as a way to provide people all over the country (and world!) with hankies. Recently our magenta hanky (armpit lovin') was featured on a site called Regretsy - a site that makes fun of art sold on etsy that is not considered "good". Thanks Regretsy- you've sold us out of magenta hankies!

Read through some of the comments people have left. It's interesting to see what people choose to focus on when presented with such a complicated piece.

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